Friday Favorites

I just discovered Guadalupe Roastery coffee last week and ordered the Nicaragua blend. It’s SO. GOOD. And it’s a Catholic-owned, fair trade online coffee shop…win win win.

Really, really into this painting. It would look so pretty above a bed.

Been re-reading Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry again this year, and I’ve decided I need to read him every November. There’s no one better at reminding you of the beauty and need for a simple life, especially as the holidays approach.

I’m not even close to being in the Christmas decorating mode yet, but I’m definitely thinking about Advent and how we can celebrate the season of waiting as a family. The boys would love this wooden Advent house, and it’s so so pretty.

We switched out our Halloween book basket for Thanksgiving and have been loving The Thanksgiving Story and Thanksgiving in the Woods. Looks like both are on sale too!

My mother-in-law gifted me this Parachute Home linen duvet cover for my birthday a couple weeks ago and woooooow it’s like sleeping on a cloud. So worth every penny. It’s just the dreamiest bedding you’ll ever see. I might be putting their waffle robe on my Christmas/hospital wish list too…

Just found this Etsy shop full of beautiful pottery.

Be A Heart is killing it with their Christmas line this year. Just ordered this wrapping paper!!! (EMILY10 for a discount!)

Sean got me these boots for my birthday and I’ve worn them every single day since. They are seriously the best–super warm, comfy, and go with everything.


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