Friday Favorites

I’ve been wanting to start a weekly post on some my current favorite things, partly to keep inventory of my own list of needs/wants in one place and partly because I’ve always liked reading through others’ recommendations. I’m all for someone else doing research for me, especially when it comes to books, children’s toys, home decor, etc. One beauty or danger of the internet, I suppose, depending on if you ask me or my husband. I can’t promise this will end up being a weekly thing, but for now I’m into it!

First up, candles. Give me all the candles. The next few months are going to be long and dark, but lighting candles always helps me get through those extra gloomy days. I recently discovered Heirloom Art Co. and everything is beautiful. I tried one of the cranberry orange soy candles and it smells heavenly. This brass holder that comes with 18 ivory tapers is so cool and unique.

I just got this waffle knit turtleneck and it’s awesome–I typically like my tops oversized and loose, and it especially works over a pregnant belly. This oversized herringbone blazer is also amazing. I thrifted one just like it for $7 last weekend, so sometimes it’s good to get inspiration online and then look for that specific thing secondhand. The only way you’d get me in a blazer is if it’s oversized and I can wear a chunky turtleneck underneath it.

Speaking of the perfect chunky turtleneck

Ok, THESE MARY DOLLS. I may have ordered two or three already for various Christmas presents. Also reallllly loving the new banners that just came out. I think I’m going to get one for the nursery. You can use code “EMILY10” for 10% off!

There is something about autumn that just makes me revisit all my old playlists I’ve made over the years (so many hours spent writing papers in the Cathedral of Learning!!), and it just fills me with all the best kind of nostalgia. Really feeling Misty by Caamp lately.

Gosh, this coat…it’s absolutely perfect, but pricey. It would be one of those pieces you have, wear, and love forever. Always classic, timeless, and just plain beautiful. This one is similar and you can’t beat the price!

I finally got around to switching our our seasonal book basket for autumn and the boys have been loving County Fair by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Last year’s autumn book post still has all our favorites if you need ideas!

These sugar cookies are ahhhhmazing. We made some simple buttercream icing and Jack had a ball dying it orange and green for the pumpkins. Yum.

I’ve owned these slippers for three years now, and I still wear them every.single.day. I even got a free replacement last year when the string ripped. Best costumer service ever. Call me ancient, but slippers are absolutely essential for surviving the winter months.

Nothing beats a bunch of Trader Joe’s pumpkins scattered throughout the house for some natural and super simple fall decor, but this ceramic pumpkin is pretty cute. I found some felt pumpkins in the dollar section that I love too. However you decorate, simple is the way to go!

Hope you have a fun Halloween weekend!!

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