A Photoshoot with Ever Thrift

Sean got me my first real DSLR camera a couple years ago for Christmas, but it was only until recently that I got serious about learning how to use it in manual mode. He has been the best encourager and I’m so grateful. The whole photography world is really overwhelming, and I feel like I have so much to learn and master. But it has made for some pretty exciting nap times lately! Sean is the one who pushed me to take a local class back in April, which totally transformed how I use my camera and lit this fire that I’m excited to keep kindling. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord can use our particular gifts in certain chapters of our lives when we’re least expecting it. Time and time again He is showing me that with an open and generous heart, we can walk through doors that not only present themselves within our vocation and the daily work we do, but that actually make us even better in that vocation–more fully ourselves and alive.

A friend and fellow mom of little ones, Janet, runs an online vintage clothing thrift shop called Ever Thrift–if you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look! She has a gift for walking into a thrift store and finding the coolest vintage pieces, and then putting together the most beautiful outfits. After sitting down and having coffee together one day (sans kids), we threw out the idea of doing a little fall photo shoot so that I could get more practice and add some fresh material to my portfolio, and Janet could use the photos on her shop site.

Thanks to our husbands who agreed to watch all of our kids one evening, Janet and I got to play around with a bunch of pretty outfits she thrifted for her latest fall collection. And I’m so excited about how these photos turned out!

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot. Enjoy!

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