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    Christmas Home Tour

    Welcome to our home! There is usually much more clutter on the counters and toys all over the floors, but we (I) cleaned up a bit to give you a little virtual Christmasy tour. Hope you’ll stay a while! This is our first Christmas in our new kitchen, and I’m falling in love with it all over again. I added a few garlands here and there and it’s amazing how festive it makes everything look. The lights add an extra twinkle, too! And since we don’t take our decorations down till mid January, I’ll be enjoying these views for many many weeks to come. Now into the living room..I just…

  • Motherhood

    Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

    There are few things that bring me greater joy than choosing Christmas gifts for my children. It’s just too much fun to imagine their little faces on Christmas morning when baby Jesus is finally in the manger and Santa Claus has paid us that long-awaited visit. Christmas in our house growing up was unbelievably magical (thanks, Mom!) and I’d love to give my own children that gift, too. Since I know it’ll be hard enough to keep a quiet, peaceful Advent with all of the activities and normal life going on, I wanted to get most of the shopping done now so that I can really enter into the Advent…

  • Motherhood

    Children’s Books: Autumn

    One of my absolute favorite things about having kids is celebrating the changing seasons with them. With all of the noise and mess and daily duties, small things like sitting next to them with a new book from the library as their eyes grow big with excitement means so, so much. Jack has been loving these books lately, and they’re getting us excited for apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf-pile jumping, bonfires and hayrides at Marmee and Pops’ house. The Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall Apples to Oregon by Deborah Hopkinson Pumpkin Moonshine by Tasha Tudor Autumn by Gerda Muller The Autumn Visitors by Karel Hayes

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    sleeping babies

    There was this very distinct moment in my first year of motherhood that is still so vivid in my mind. It had been a hard day–one of those days as a new mom where you feel like the quiet and hiddenness is more of a burden than a gift. It seemed like everyone else was out there doing exciting things while my own life was standing still; even the life that I had chosen and dreamed of since I was a little girl, the life that my heart always longed for. I remember saying to God, “I didn’t go to graduate school, I’m not working a high-paying job (or any…

  • Photography

    A Photoshoot with Ever Thrift

    Sean got me my first real DSLR camera a couple years ago for Christmas, but it was only until recently that I got serious about learning how to use it in manual mode. He has been the best encourager and I’m so grateful. The whole photography world is really overwhelming, and I feel like I have so much to learn and master. But it has made for some pretty exciting nap times lately! Sean is the one who pushed me to take a local class back in April, which totally transformed how I use my camera and lit this fire that I’m excited to keep kindling. It never ceases to…

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    Our Kitchen Renovation

    When we moved into our house two years ago, we knew we’d love to renovate the kitchen somewhere down the road. It was so dark and dingy, not to mention covered in grease that I had attempted to clean in vain over and over again because the exhaust fan had been broken for years while the previous owners were there. Almost immediately, I took off all the cabinet hardware because they were disgustingly sticky, with every intention of putting them back once they had been thoroughly soaked and cleaned. But alas, they never really came totally clean and I couldn’t stand the look of them. So partly for aesthetic and…

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    Creativity in Motherhood (+ some thoughts on social media)

    There is something so beautiful and desirable about a hidden life; a life lived for God alone and in the service of your family, behind the walls of your home and within the sacred space of those you love. I’ve been rethinking the purpose of social media and why I’m choosing to use it at all (though sparingly and with clear, intentional boundaries) after a good long break. It will never and should never show the hidden, personal life that is meant for my family alone. It won’t even show a fraction of it. When used as a tool and nothing more, it can maybe be just one of many…

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    Wildflower & Rye Linen Swaddles

    When Annelise, mother and owner of Wildflower and Rye, reached out to me about her handmade linen baby swaddles, I couldn’t wait to wrap my little fall baby up in them. The durability and timelessness of the linen, along with the richness of color makes for one lovely baby swaddle. I also love that they add so much charm and beauty to the nursery when they’re draped over the crib or even just sitting in a basket. I chose Terra-cotta and Ivory Stripe. You can shop her swaddles here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Wildflowerandrye

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    WildBird Ring Sling

    I have a bit of an attachment to my ring sling. To the point where if my house were burning down I’d grab my kids and this sling. I know lots of women who swear by other slings/wraps, but even after trying those, my WildBird is always the one I grab first. It holds my big babies well and distributes their weight evenly, plus I can throw it on and tuck the baby inside in about 10 seconds flat. When Peter was a newborn, I never felt like he was loose or slipping, and I love how it’s easily adjustable so that I can tighten it with one quick tug.…

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    Marriage: Throwing a Bridge

    Original article featured on FemCatholic: http://www.femcatholic.com/marriage-throwing-a-bridge/ I’ve probably read The Jeweler’s Shop by Karol Wojtyla (the future St. John Paul II) at least a dozen times—in high school, college, and throughout my dating and engaged years. Since being married, I’ve come to see it in yet a new light, as if the characters I once thought I knew so well have suddenly come alive through their brokenness, humanity, and relatability. In the beautifully crafted play, three couples, whose lives are all somehow connected, each offer insights into the joys and trials of marriage. Ultimately, through the sacrament’s powerful bond, they are all called to love.  There is one line of the play…