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WildBird Ring Sling

I have a bit of an attachment to my ring sling. To the point where if my house were burning down I’d grab my kids and this sling.

I know lots of women who swear by other slings/wraps, but even after trying those, my WildBird is always the one I grab first. It holds my big babies well and distributes their weight evenly, plus I can throw it on and tuck the baby inside in about 10 seconds flat. When Peter was a newborn, I never felt like he was loose or slipping, and I love how it’s easily adjustable so that I can tighten it with one quick tug. They also come in the loveliest colors and patterns and are extremely durable because of their high quality linen fabric.

Peter pretty much lived in my WildBird sling the first half of his life. It saved me on more than a few flights, in the grocery store, the back of church, around the house, or at the park. The moment I put him in it he’d be out like a light–his mouth hung open, dimpled little hands resting on my chest, his plump, warm body wrapped around mine in a perpetual hug.

It’s not only the convenience of this sling and the fact that it allows me to have two free hands to deal with my toddler that I appreciate, but it’s also the bonding with each of my babies when I’m wearing them that I really love. Baby-wearing reminds me to stop and smell that little head a hundred times throughout the day, even when I’m cleaning up messes, hauling groceries, chasing a two year-old, and exhausted. Those sweet, unrepeatable details of each of my boys’ faces looking up at me a few inches below mine are stamped on my memory, and I pray I never forget them.

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